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          KEY  PEOPLE

Chair, Shenell L Tolson, DrPH

Shenell Tolson BOD Pic.jpg

Environmental Scientist/Regulatory Action Leader,
Science Review   
US Environmental Protection Agency                      Washington, District of Columbia

Co-Founder/Vice Chair, James A Stewart, EdD


Vice President of Programs     Just 4Kids, Inc
Fort Lauderdale, Florida                 

  Secretary-Treasurer, Tomi M Leeper, CPA

Tomi CPA- BOD pic #2.jpg

  Auditing Accountant                                   
  US Department of Health and Human Services          Centers for Medicare and Medicaid                          Baltimore, Maryland


 Ekokobe Fonkem, DO,  Neurologist/Neuro-Oncologist

EK Fonkem.JPG

System  Chief of Neuro-Oncology
Professor of Medicine and Surgery

Baylor Scott and White Health Systems 
Dallas, Texas

     Maniza Aziz Johnson, PhD

MA Johnson BOB pic #3.jpg

Professor of Civil and Electrical Engineering Technology (Retired) 
Portland Community College                                                Meningioma Brain Tumor Survivor/Thriver                                        MBTN Inc - Mentor                                                                  Portland, Oregon

 Lisa M Kanning, PT, MPT, CSCS, cert-DN

Physical and Physiotherapist
Evolutions Sports Physiotherapy, Inc
Cockeysville, Maryland

 Catherine Martin-Dunlop, PhD

Dr Catherine Martin- Dunlop MBTN BOD 2023.jpg

Professor, Environmental Science (Retired)
Morgan State University
CEO, Improve Teaching First
Bellingham, Washington

Chris Odionu, MBA, PhD 

Director of Distance Education Programs
Professor of Project Management
Texas A&M University School of Law
Forth Worth, Texas

Dr Chris Odionu MBTN BOD 01-2023.jpg

Romney M Phillips, JD, ESQ

lawyer_romney_phillips_ BOD Pic.jpg

 Managing Partner
 Phillips Law Office     
 Atlanta, Georgia

         Ricardo D Wrice, MBA

Ricardo D Wrice BOD pic #2.jpg

CEO and Editor-in-Chief                                            The Leadership Blend Media Company                  Atlanta, Georgia



EC's 1st Choice.jpg



                     Akima Burns, BBA                           Executive Assistant to the Founder & CEO 

A's Pic #3.JPG

                Executive Assistant
                Audit and Assurance
   CohnReznick, LLP Of The Americas-Georgia, 
                Atlanta, Georgia

         Contributors to the Board of Directors

    Amir H Zamanipoor Najafabadi, MD, PhD      Epidemiologist, Neurosurgery Resident and Meningioma Brain Tumor Researcher  Department of Neurosurgery                                                                   Leiden University Medical Center                                                            Leiden University                                                                                        Leiden, The Netherlands

Amir Contributor to BOD.jpg

         Quintin U Love, PhD
  Senior Psychometrician, Psychometrics and Research    New Meridian Corporation                                          Austin, Texas

Q. Love Professional Photo[45450].png

        Mario Jackson, EdD

MJ's photo.jpg

Chief Executive Officer

Jackson Educational Consulting Group, LLC


Washington, District of Columbia

San Juan Puerto, Rico


Jo-Anne 'EC'  Evans Coleman PhD, EdD, CNP, Founder, Meningioma Brain Tumor Network, Inc (MBTN), a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is a survivor/thriver of a Right-Wing Spheno-orbital Meningioma (with cavernous sinus involvement) brain tumor. The establishment of MBTN harbors on Dr. EC’s vision for the usage of interprofessional collaborative services, that directly address the numerous diminished quality of life psycho-social aspects of living with/surviving a brain tumor, that are encountered by meningioma patients, survivors/thrivers, and the effects on caregivers, and families.

Founder, Dr. EC,  is superiorly qualified to lead this organization. She has over 30 years of leadership, administrative and management experience, working within institutions of higher education, entrepreneurship in both non-profit and private sectors, as a healthcare practitioner,  and as an independent contractor for various business, industry, and government agencies. In 2015, nine (9) months post her craniotomy and cranioplasty,  she became a Minnesota State Advocacy Leader for the National Brain Tumor Society, where she annually testifies on Capitol Hill for congressional funding that continuously supports brain tumor treatment and research.


Highlighting her interest in advocacy is the drive garnered from her challenges when she was afflicted with a Grade 1 spheno-orbital meningioma and is now a brain tumor pioneering staunch voice for the "lived experienced" survivor/thriver.  Through her work at MBTN, she is building a platform for improved pre and post-operative assessments, treatments, and services to better determine meningioma brain tumor survivor/thriver quality of life outcomes.

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