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MBTN strengthens its Board of Directors Leadership with new members!!!!

Joining Menigioma Brain Tumor Network, Inc's Board of Directors are esteemed professionals who possess direct relationships both nationally and internationally with an array of growing organizations. We send a hearty welcome to Dr. Catherine Martin-Dunlop and Dr. Chris Odionu embraced with much gratitude for their commitment to MBTN's board service.

Dr. Martin-Dunlop

Dr. MD, as she is known within the professional realm, is a retired University Professor of Environmental Science and holds a Ph.D. from Curtin University where her service to academia and environmental science has spanned the globe. She is a native of the Province of British Columbia, CAN, and has lived and worked in Hong Kong, China, and Perth Western Australia. Post-retirement, MD is using her professorial instructional skills in a new business endeavor called Improve Teaching First (ITF). It is an online teaching platform that provides faculty development courses for university-level faculty to assess the learning environment in ways that align with student learning performance outcomes. She brings to MBTN's board service, her vast experience of twenty (20) years as an exceptionally skilled grant writer and reviewer where she has secured numerous program and service grants as Principal Investigator from such agencies as the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Chris Odionu

Director of Technology and Distance Education Programs at Texas A&M University School of Law, and Professor of Project Management. Dr. Odionu has served as Chief Information Officer at several higher education institutions including healthcare (medical schools); business/industry (energy companies); and government agencies. Chris’ board service to MBTN focuses on his expertise in information technology and project management and enables us to explore avenues of using applied technological approaches and innovations for developing interactive platforms for service engagements to survivors/thrivers and caregivers, in tandem with our goal of establishing specific collaborative partnerships and project management services via MBTN’s global ventures and exposure both nationally and internationally. He has a stellar work-related background in tandem with his educational and professional preparation. Chris holds an MBA and a doctorate degree in information technology from the University of Houston, and a certificate in administration from Harvard University.

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