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Board of Directors Liaison and Collaborator Expansion

Updated: Feb 19

MBTN's work draws the attention and services of additional experts to the organization.

Dr Claudette H Williams joined Meningioma Brain Tumor Network, Inc." as one of three (3) organizational members who bring to our mission and vision the ‘real life survivor/thriver experience’. She recently (March 2023) underwent the full craniotomy surgery protocols and is currently on the pathways of graduated recovery and quality-of-life challenges."  MBTN’s current collaborative partnerships have been deeply broadened with the addition of Dr Williams. Her long-standing work with various international professional groups denotes her highly regarded for her executive leadership and administrative work in the United Arab Emirates via universities, regulatory and accrediting agencies, and EDUMAP (a network of globally renowned partners in healthcare and education) that foster processes for regulatory compliance, academic accreditation, and certification, Continuous Medical Education (CME) and Professional Development (PD) services, while bridging these experiences by serving on numerous professional boards stateside and internationally. "MBTN is so fortunate to have Dr Williams join us in service to strengthen the advocacy and care needs of meningioma brain tumor survivors/ thrivers!"

In the advent of evolving conceptualization of factors relevant to research that addresses the complex, multifaceted nature of minority health, women's health, minority women's health, and health equity and disparities, Meningioma Brain Tumor Network, Inc. has captured the skillsets of Dr Avareena E ‘Av’ Schools-Cropper, DrPh, MPH, a highly regarded public health professional and researcher whose vast experiences with the aforementioned listing of health and healthcare initiatives ideally showcases her expertise.

"Dr Schools-Cropper will work in concert with the Board of Directors Officers on behalf of the Executive Leadership Committee (ELC), where she will integrate these two (2) entities combined active work products, and provide the directives for data currency, application, and usage of/on/about meningioma brain tumor nationally and internationally that applies to MBTN 's Strategic Initiatives." Av’s background, preparation, and experiences in healthcare have charted pathways for her work at the National Institute of Health, the National Cancer Institute, the National Institute of Digestive, Diabetes and Kidney Disorders, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, and currently, she serves as the Special Assistant (“the right arm”) to the Director, Office of Minority Health at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. "She will provide MBTN with the ‘lens’ for equitable solutions needed in the identification of US databases (i.e. repositories) that provide the currency of information on meningioma brain tumor survivors/thrivers and their care partners."

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