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Building MBTN's Survivor/Thriver 'Quality of Life' Collaborative Services (Co-Labs) Pillar

Board of Directors

Welcome, Ms. Lisa M. Oldenburg Kanning, PT, MPT, CSCS, cert-DN

Lisa M Kanning of Evolution Sports Physiotherapy, Inc is a Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Physical Therapy Specialist in Cockeysville, Maryland where she specializes in the treatment of disorders related to imbalance and dizziness with a particular focused interest in post-concussion comparisons of contact sports-oriented athletes. Ms Kanning harbors exceptional clinical experience in an array of orthopedic settings that offer several aspects of rehabilitation including sports medicine, occupational medicine, and post-operative management. She is a graduate of Marquette University’s Master of Physical Therapy program and is a Certified Conditioning Specialist and a Board-Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Therapy. Rounding out her professional cadre of skills, Ms Kanning is a former WNBA professional basketball player for the Cleveland Rockers and Euro League-Finland and is currently a Medical/Health Advisor to the Hereford Lacrosse Club. Founder EC states: "Physical Therapist Kanning’s invitation to board service is highlighted by her expertise in rehabilitative and habilitative treatment strategies that are used with individuals who have sustained injuries in such ways that alter their long-term and short-term quality of life trajectories. Her practitioner skills can bolster MBTN’s initiative of implementing components of one of its pillars of the organization, 'the Collaborative Services (Co-Labs)' interprofessional/multidisciplinary services model, where the meningioma brain tumor thriver/survivor pre and post-operative care needs are addressed in an all-encompassing manner.

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