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FY 2023 keen focus on MBTN's mission brings additional Board of Directors and a Contributor

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Ryan Bodin, BSBA, CKA, AAMS

With great pride, we welcome Mr Ryan Bodin to the Board of Directors. He can be considered a preverbal 'jewel in a crown' for he brings many years of experience as a non-profit board member and more than two (2) decades of wealth management and financial services experience. A native Minnesotan, Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Marketing, and Management and the coveted credential of Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS). Founder EC states: "We believe that Ry's board service to MBTN will bring expertise and talented skills that will enable this growing and thriving organization to become better educated on and develop sound financial management strategies with, regulatory financial controls, which will ultimately lead to achieving important fundraising monetary goals". "Additionally, in my journey with this disease, obtaining and sustaining a “quality of life” have included the reliance on faith/spirituality and increases my hope and optimism, freedom from regret, higher satisfaction with life, and feelings of inner peace. Ryan's ministry can certainly elevate MBTN’s approaches of this inclusive component to thrivers/survivors of meningioma brain tumors".

Brandon Oluyede, MSHA

Mr Oluyede's board service is being sought to aid MBTN in its efforts to address the known, empirical-based research, of identified disparities with a direct linkage to racism, gender bias, lack of service provisions, and discriminatory practices that exist within healthcare systems pertaining to women and women of color populations. He has coined the phrase 'Leading with Humanity' as his mantra while paving pathways as a Health Equity Advocate. EC says, "Brandon is a perfect alignment with the leaders MBTN seeks as beacons of light for/to meningioma brain tumor thrivers/survivors!!!

Meningioma brain tumor occurrences are extremely disproportionate among gender-specific groups, yet, the 'research gap' is broad and wide relative to gender, race, and healthcare disparities that surround and most importantly omit, the long-term effects of this brain disease has on thrivers/survivors. Brandon currently serves as the Senior Project Manager, Clinical Operations in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Washington University, School of Medicine in St Louis, Missouri, and is credentialed with a Master of Science in Health Care Administration and Management degree from Georgia State University, Jack Mack Robinson of Business. He holds certifications in

Lean Six Sigma and as a Project Management Professional. Additionally, he is Co-host of The Healthcare Hustle Podcast, (click the link) a monthly, creative educational platform, that highlights the careers of leaders of color across the healthcare industry.

Tina Deguire McDonald, MELL

There is an old adage that says, "leadership is an innate skill and not one that is learned". Such holds true for Ms Tina Deguire McDonald, "who is a dynamic and demonstrative leader, that bridges the gap between 'what is'?, 'what isn't'? and 'what can be'? says, EC". Hailing from our neighbors north of the United States, Canada, and the Province of British Columbia, Tina's board service to MBTN provides those Board of Directors Contributor elements of guiding the development of cohesive leadership teams in efforts to bolster governance and organizational structure components. Her adeptness in planning and organizing, strong skills in identifying and brainstorming potential solutions, and experiences with recognizing and advocating for services to a population that is unserved or underserved by systemic barriers are particularly useful to MBTN.

Principal Deguire McDonald (EC's moniker for her), serves in the role of, District Principal of Early Learning and Child Care, Coast Mountains Board of Education, School Division #82 in Terrance, British Columbia, Canada. She holds a Master of Education in Education Leadership and Administration degree, from Yorkville University, New Brunswick, Canada, and is a 28-year veteran Educational Administrator where she imparts staunch advocacy, throughout the Canadian territories, for Indigenous Education and Inclusive Education policies, practices, and services. Her passion for the aforementioned lies with being a spouse of (Les) and mother of four (Taylor, Kiera, Brooke, and Troy) who is all First Nations Indigenous North Slavey (Dene) members.

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