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Organizational growth continues at MBTN with the appointment of Dr Dionne David Felix!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Dr Dionne 'DeeDee' David Felix, PhD, BCMHC, is tapped to join MBTN's Executive Leadership Team, as Board Officer Liaison. Such jubilant excitement surrounds DeeDee's appointment, says Dr EC! "Her acceptance of this role was fostered during our long joyful conversation, as I was taking a meditative walk through the woods near my home on none other than, Resurrection Sunday"...

"Dr. Dionne David Felix's (DeeDee) services to the Board of Directors membership is due to her executive leadership acumen, practitioner training, and direct services for behavioral and mental health coaching. She is a premier academic-scholar and qualitative researcher, where among her academic peers, Dr David Felix is well known for, and is skillfully adept in, the qualitative research approach of Phenomenology. Throughout her career, she has seamlessly bridged the gap between executive education and business leadership roles. Each one of the expressed qualities and characteristics is identified as those that MBTN strongly desires in Board of Directors leadership."

Currently, DeeDee is Associate Vice President for Academic Administration and Dean of Student Success and Retention at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee. Her credentialling is exceeding vast in scope, therefore the identifiers that follow are simply snippets! She holds a PhD in Adult Education, and a postgraduate certificate in Mind, Brain, and Teaching from Johns Hopkins Medicine Brain Science Institute which is a well-known global collaboration between cognitive science, psychology, neurology, neuroscience, and education, where the uniqueness of this training integrates these diverse disciplines to explore human learning and development. DeeDee and her family currently reside in Tennessee.

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